size: ca 250x150x150cm
material: video installation
duration: 20.33min (loop)
year: 2017

“dyari” (transl. jail cell) is a site specific video installation commissioned by The Black Archives for the exhibition ‘Black and Revolutionary‘. Many thanksto the 2 activists in the video: Jessica de Abreu & Naomie Pieter

complete title:

dyari ZN 1 (pisi gron na oso) tuin; hof; gaarde
2 (bedi) perk; bloembed 3 (bigi pisi gron na oso) erf 4 land; bouwland 5 (bigi pisi gron na wrokopresi) terrein 6 perceel 7 gevangenis, cel

Below two other pieces created for ‘Black & Revolutionary’ are shown “Langston” (top) and “Secret Services” (bottom). Apart from making “dyari” and the two wall size collage pieces, I was also responsible for the exhibition and graphic design of  ‘Black & Revolutionary’.