the library of light

History has taken a back seat. We deem history as a given; as that which has happened and we have to wade through the drudgery of the classroom of our adolescence. But whose story is (his)story in actual fact?

We make site specific installations that run the gamut of writers, intellectuals, feminists, athletes, philosophers and inventors who have made tremendous contributions to our every day narrative.

This is a celebration of the richness of our common history, rather a celebration and recognition of those who have contributed to society at large. It is a continous project that ebbs and flows, based on our research and development.

The Pan-Alphabet seeks to bring new knowledge to life, spanning the whole african diaspora. In short the Pan-alphabet seeks to create an alternative to the western vision and application of history. Rather than erasing history we seek to add to the narrative that is called history. Also check

A project by Femi Dawkins and yours truly.