the old lady

size: 2 x 1,5 x 2,2 mtr

material: sugar casted busts,
fish tanks, wood, gravel,
liquor, soundsystem

duration: 3 performances of 4 min
(taking place over an period of 3hrs)

year: 2017

The Old Lady was shown at the Sukru Sani edition of the global Sugarfree project. “Sugar-Free arises out of an urgency to examine underlying histories of global commodities. (…) It is the aftermath that follows the global markets for these commodities that we will explore as a series of connected and disconnected moments across the ‘global south’ and ‘global north’. Relationships of inequalities and tactics of subversion will be mapped as they are both historically produced and located in contemporary realities.”

If you are interested in the context of the audio used; the videos below show the original. (first two video’s only available in Dutch)

De tijd staat even stil  (7 June 1994)

100 jaar afschaffing slavernij Suriname (1963)

CBC News (27 September 2017)